About Us


Allergy Free Guarantee 

All of our pieces are handmade using the highest quality allergy free metals. Every piece is made of stainless steel, a harmless hypoallergenic metal. This ensures a safe experience that is inclusive for every customer! ❤️

Why Is It Taking So Long!?

Since taking our brand onto TikTok, we have experienced an influx of love and support that we were totally unprepared for! We want to return the love and support which we receive by providing the best possible experience for our customers! So, we have recently handpicked and hired a team containing only the best! We are working endlessly to make, prepare, pack and ship your orders! Please allow us 2-3 days for production and packing! Once your order is shipped, you can email us any time with any questions about tracking your order! 

If you made it here, we just want to personally say THANK YOU for supporting our small business! As a token of appreciation, here is a coupon code for an extra 10% OFF your whole order! We are only posting this coupon code here: "ABOUTUS" ❤️❤️❤️